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Buy This Ottawa Home and Get a Leased Jaguar For Free

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Government shutdown have you eyeing Canadian real estate? Expecting a midlife crisis sometime soon? This contemporary home on a quaint street in Ottawa's Civic Hospital neighborhood comes with a two-year lease on a Jaguar F-Type, the sports car marketed with the following slogan: "How alive are you?" Priced at just a shade over $1M, this 3,623-square-foot abode is fronted by a two-story timber atrium perfect for idling away the hours gazing out at that rented salsa-red chariot. "We pulled out all the stops but were left wanting to give a little something extra to our buyers," said Jakub Ulak, the president of Surface Developments, the Ottawa-based developer that built the place. "We thought putting this year's most exciting new sports car in the driveway was the way to do it."

Only time will tell if two years in a Jag is enough of an enticement. What the buyer is left with, after this complementary ride is back at the dealership, is a fine dwelling that embodies a lot of faint notions about what contemporary design should look like—boxy on the outside with slatted sunshades, clean white lines on the inside—with a few loud pieces of bourgeois accoutrement thrown in for good measure: a crystal chandelier hanging in the atrium, a second fireplace. Luckily, if any buyers are brought in by the promise of a Jaguar, they probably won't have a problem with the concept of "loud."

Spencer Peterson

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