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Buy a Treehouse Inspired '70s Time Capsule on Scargo Lake

In 1973, someone decided to use .36 acres in Dennis for building a rather large, particularly for the era, fantasy home on Scargo Lake. Per the brokerbabble:

A 4000 sq. ft. treehouse-inspired vintage 1970's home (complete with shag carpet and hot tub!) has many VERY cool features to work with. Bring your builder and your creativity to make 16 Maureen's Way your Scargo Lake shangri-la!Just how much is the Scargo Lake Shangri-La asking? The eight bedroom, four bath shagadelic spread hit the market [brace] for $995,000 back in May 2012. Not surprisingly, the pricechopper has since visited on three separate occasions, chopping the price down to a somewhat more realistic $600,000.
· Listing: 16 Maureen's Way, Dennis [Trulia and Zillow]