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These Simple, Mirrored Homes Reflect Light Like Prisms

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Standing quite alone in Lebec, Calif., are these two elegant mirrored structures, each refracting light across the open prairie of Tejon Ranch. Built by artist Autumn de Wilde—more commonly known for her rock star portraiture than this foray into the wild world of micro homes—the twin seven-by-12 foot installations are mirrored on one side, and fit with colored and clear plexiglas across the each remaining wall. Depending on the location of the sun, light streams through the Monopoly piece-esque houses at different angles, casting long, candy-colored shadows across the landscape. "I've always been obsessed with mirrors and colored Plexiglas and jewels and crystals and prisms," de Wilde says. "Ever since I was a little girl, I was fascinated with how they play in the light."

Considering how at home these would look in an Anthropologie catalogue, it's surprising to learn the homes were actually commissioned by Cadillac—to be used as the backdrop for a series of commercial shoots. De Wilde even says the play of light reflected in the design of the Escalade 2015 helped to inspire her work—odd, given that they don't exactly, uh, look like cars. Still, as evidenced by the full collection of commercials chronicled on De Wilde's tumblr, its pretty clear who the star of the shoot was.

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