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The Only Home JFK and Jackie Ever Built Asks $10.995M

Though John F. Kennedy inhabited a laundry list of homes during his lifetime, only one was ever designed for him and the missus: Wexford, a Marshall Va., weekend retreat intended as an alternative to Camp David. The Kennedys had the home built from scratch, and, as the story goes, Jackie O. enlisted the talents of Stéphane Boudin, one of her White House interior designers, in decorating. Kennedy only spent two weekends here, hosting friends only once, before he was assassinated; Jackie sold the property in 1964 and it traded a couple of times before landing in the hands of William Clements during his tenure as Nixon's United States Deputy Secretary of Defense. Then, as governor of Texas, Clements, a Ronald Reagan supporter, invited the former California governor over so he'd have a quiet place to rehearse for the 1980 presidential debate against incumbent Jimmy Carter. Today Wexford, which has four bedrooms, a pool, a tennis court, a pond, and 166 acres of land, asks $10.995M.

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