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A Look at the Bright, Newly Jazzed-Up Interiors of 7-Eleven

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Though ubiquitous 7-Eleven fare— mainly jumbo Slurpees and Eisenhower-era hotdogs—is hardly nutritious, the convenience-store chain is all but desperate to hop aboard the health-conscious bandwagon in hopes of attracting the millennial market and, ahem, the ladies. Indeed, this year will mark a major makeover for the brand's overall image, including—most notably—a sleeker logo and a totally new look for its 50,000-plus stores.

Designed by the Ohio-based consultancy WD Partners, the new iteration of 7-Eleven replaces the drab aisles of snacks and aluminum counters with granite flooring, white tiled walls, and sturdy, rustic wood crates and furniture. While the logo's red and green remain, the previous dark jade is replaced with a fresh apple green. As for the store layout: it's split into individual modules, all marked with cheeky signage like "Sip. Sip. Sip" over the coffee station and "My Kinda Beer" atop the drink coolers. While there's notably more fruit, most of the inventory appears much the same, suggesting that—like other interiors makeovers for the fast-food set—the new look is still far fresher than the menu. But hey, as 7-Eleven inches away from its dated '70s graphics and ho-hum interiors it comes ever closer to joining the rank of stylish food establishments—an effort worth raising an enormous Slurpee to. Fast Company has the full gallery, right this way.

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