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Modernist Dollhouse Spins and Rotates Like a Rubik's Cube

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Photos via Design Boom

UK designers Shedkm and James Ireland have devised a modular dollhouse that expands and rotates from a simple white box. The rooms shift on horizontal tracks to expand the house's profile, while the structure rotates around a core spiral staircase. Ergo, the dollhouse is basically a Transformer. What's more, each "room" frames pretty outdoor details, or, as Design Boom writes, "the multiple configurations of the house create different scenic spaces rather than rooms – it is not about looking in, but about looking through and beyond." Perhaps Shedkm and Ireland were inspired by the swanky, deconstructed dollhouses of their design brethren—after all, Zaha Hadid and other famous British architects were recently recruited to build dollhouses for charity.

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