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Jackson Hole Hunter Parks Car With Wolf on the Roof

A hunter passing through Jackson Hole attracted attention because he parked his SUV in Jackson Town Square with a dead wolf (yup, that's right) strapped to the roof. The man shot the wolf in the predator zone near Bondurant while elk hunting and brought it into town so that Wyoming Game and Fish officials could collect a DNA sample. This bizarre sight attracted attention as pedestrians stopped to take pictures and gawk at the animal. When asked why the wolf was on the roof, the hunter replied that he didn't want to get blood inside his fancy ride. Apparently no one gave him any flak for putting the wolf on display. "There hasn't been one person that's said anything negative," he said. "Everybody's happy." In other news, it's the off season in Jackson Hole.
· Hunter parks with wolf on the roof at Square [Jackson Hole News and Guide]