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In the Future, Restaurant Interiors Will be Paint-Splattered

High-concept restaurants lead to some fairly nutso restaurant interiors, and Polish designer Karina Wiciak of the design studio Wamhouse is not one to shy away from the challenge. She's just unveiled Pracownia—"workshop," in English—an imagined restaurant with paint-splattered interiors and enormous paint brushes serving as structural columns.

In Wiciak's vision, guests would be escorted to glass-topped tables shaped like artists' palettes and seated on oversized buckets, painted white and outfitted with tiny backrests. Also in the design: palette-shaped pendant lights and bathrooms shaped like buckets. This project marks the 10th in Wiciak's rather whackadoo series of proposed restaurants (another or her works is inspired by a slaughterhouse), and though it has yet to actually join the growing list of design-conscious restaurants out there, the photos over at Dezeen, uh, paint quite a picture of the sweet, sweet possibilities.

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