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Tour Will Smith's Totally Bonkers $2.5M 'Mobile Estate'

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Actor Will Smith—whose previous real estate ventures have inspired Arch Digest spreads and Questlove-penned ditties alike—clearly isn't the type of guy to slum it when it comes to on-set digs. Instead, in true A-lister form, the former Fresh Prince holes up in what has to be the most ridiculously swanky "mobile estate" that $2.5M can buy. In the past, neighbors have been none too pleased that "The Heat," as the behemoth is known, takes up so much room on the streets. Then again, they're probably just jealous.

Measuring about 1,200 square feet, the two-story mobile home is as tricked out as it gets these days, expanding outwards and upwards at the touch of a button, all to provide some extra interior space. Side panels push out from either side of the bus on the first level, making room for a custom-built kitchen, dining area, and wardrobe nook, while the second level is entirely devoted to a full-blown entertainment room—complete with wall-to-wall couches and a massive drop down television. No luxury spared, both floors are fitted with luxe leather couches, leather ceilings, and granite counters, but really—seeing is believing—so do watch the video tour:

The Video:

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