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Live Like the Brady Bunch in this Midcentury Time Capsule

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There's a home on the market in Glendale, Calif., that's got the low-slung architectural bones and powder blue kitchen of the early '50s, and the orange carpeting and yellow cobblestone linoleum of the 1960s and '70s, a mash of midcentury details that's got some Curbed LA commenters extolling on high: "Perfect in every way" and "It looks like a featured home out of an old Sunset magazine." Architect George Ames designed the house—one of many time capsules on the market right now—for his own family in 1951, calling upon all the architectural tendencies of the era, including walls of glass, wood-panelling, clerestory windows, and a sprawling single-story. The two-bedroom measures 1,571 square feet and asks $799K. It's more than likely a notes that the place "needs cosmetic repairs," but think of all the 1970s sitcoms one could reenact there. Is that not the No. 1 priority when considering a home purchase?

· 1558 Glenmont Dr., Glendale, Calif. [Redfin]
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