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Powder on Oct 1? It Happened at Crystal Mountain

Crystal Mountain Resort in Washington opened to 75 lucky people yesterday who managed to snag a golden ticket on their Facebook page. The resort billed the event as "Rocktoberfest" but those who rode the gondola up found plenty of fresh snow. Curbed Ski readers Jeff and Kelly Steele were two of the lucky powder chasers. According to them, conditions were much better than anticipated with over three feet of snow at the top of the mountain. Most skiers made multiple runs by skiing down Green Valley and skinning back up. While the snow was great up top, Jeff Steele said it "got a little dicey" toward the bottom. He ended up hiking the last half mile back to the car. Don't expect a repeat today or tomorrow, Crystal Mountain is closed again and no word on their official opening date.

· Crystal Mountain's Facebook Page