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O Canada: Introducing Curbed Toronto, Curbed Vancouver!

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It's a pleasure to announce that today, for the first time ever, Curbed touches down in international waters with the one-two-punch launches of Curbed Toronto, helmed by Alana Charles, and Curbed Vancouver, helmed by Nicole Soloveoff.

Over in Toronto, they're focusing on everything that makes the urban fabric of the city tick, from the tallest condo tower in Canada to a tiny house without a toilet to, yes, even a cat-hoarding neighbor in The Beach.

Meanwhile, Curbed Vancouver taps into a real estate-obsessed citizenry with coverage of controversial developments such as the new 52-story tower designed by it-boy architect Bjarke Ingels and the proposed new home for the Edgewater Casino. And do have a look at the definitive map to the downtown Vancouver office tower boom.

So please, give 'em a read and a warm welcome on Twitter (@CurbedTOR and @CurbedVancouver) and Facebook (Toronto and Vancouver).

· Curbed Toronto [official site]
· Curbed Vancouver [official site]