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World's Most Modern Ski House Costs $39 Million in Tahoe

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Listed at $39,750,000, one of Tahoe's most expensive properties offers four bedrooms, five baths, and 8,694 square feet. There are some amenities, like a gym, spa, three fireplaces, and a two car garage. But for $40 million dollars most buyers expect more. There's not a lot of land either, as the property comes with 100 feet of Lake Tahoe waterfront but sits on a 1/2 acre lot. So what does this heavy price tag buy you? Don't expect kitschy mountain furniture or a ski-in/ski-out location. Nope, this lake house gives you glass. Tons of glass. There are glass walls, a five story glass elevator, a six story glass stairwell, a glass fireplace, and even glass doors. The only place there isn't glass is the closet. The view of Lake Tahoe better be worth it; Northstar, DIamond Peak, and Mt. Rose Ski Areas are all a 20 minute drive away. · 580 Gonowabie Road, Crystal Bay, Nevada, 89402 [Coldwell Banker]
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