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Here's a Haunting Look at Russia's Abandoned Theaters

There's nothing quite as intriguing as architecture's ghostly remains after its inhabitants have uprooted—especially when the spot in question was once a bustling, public place like a shopping mall, resort, or—in this case—a movie theater. Russian born photographer Sergey Novikov took to the streets to document Russia's growing graveyard of dilapidated former cinemas, most of which were put out of business by larger multiplexes.

While the formerly brightly lit, snappy exteriors of the buildings remain, the interiors are either left to crumble, or have been taken over as makeshift fairgrounds, disco clubs, and even Jehovah's Witnesses sects. Clearly not a fan of the major cineplexes that continue taking the place of smaller venues, the photographer concludes "it will be possible to buy a large Coke on their place soon." The Calvert Journal has the full array of Novikov's work, so do have a look.

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