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Italian Dream Villa Comes With a Vineyard and Olive Grove

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Those with a taste for la dolce vita and the budget to match: consider this awe-inspiring Italian villa, listed for a hefty 17.3M € (about $23.6M). It's not exactly cheap, but the 380-acre property could might be worth every penny, as is it includes a 37-acre vineyard, 30 acres of of olive trees, tennis courts, a pool, and a perfectly preserved stone farmhouse and Renaissance chapel. The impressive main house, which the brokerbabble describes as having an "imposing façade in neo-eighteenth century style," certainly doesn't disappoint, either. The 21,990-square-foot manse offers beautiful old terra cotta floors, beamed ceilings, enormous bedrooms—no exact count, but an educated guess who predict about a zillion—and, of course, a cavernous wine cellar. Plus, much of the furnishings and wall decorations date back to the 19th century. Check it out:

· Property With Vineyard and Olive Groves in Chianti, Siena [Sotheby's International Realty]