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Pointy Octahedron Micro Home 'Broods Over the Forest'

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While some architecture students build homes inside school buses or devise zero-square-foot houses or dream up how to live on a scooter, Denmark-based architecture student Konrad Wójcik has crafted renderings for a residence that "would not have any footprint on the nature." Essentially a octahedron stuck into the ground like a garden post, Primeval Symbiosisnamed as such because it puts a stop to the "slaughter" of Earth's "perfect living sculptures"—is a four-level wooden structure that "broods over the forest like trees," collecting water and drinking in its energy via "photovoltaic cells." Designed for two people, the building includes a mudroom and storage on the bottom floor; a kitchen, bathroom, and living room on the second floor; an office on the third; and a sleeping loft on the fourth.

In designing Primeval Symbiosis (a.k.a. Single Pole House) Wójcik took inspiration from a tree, translating the benefits of animals' shelters into built environments for humans. He says the building, anchored by a huge timber "trunk," would be made from 100 percent recyclable materials and has configured ways for the home to get its energy from the ground (heat pump) and sun. He also makes note of "fertilization," indicating that "bio waste" will simply be deposited at the foot of the structure, which seems ... icky.

The end-game is to create an "urban sprawl" of these arrowhead-like structures, which would be embedded among the trees nearby existing roads that already cut through a forest. It's a swell idea, but, to be honest, probably one to add to the ever-growing index of pie-in-the-sky cities of the future.

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