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Here's What a Karim Rashid Apartment Building Looks Like

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We've seen what happens when the ever-enlightening Karim Rashid designs food courts, hotels, and, well, his own loft, so it's no surprise that renderings for a forthcoming Manhattan condo project, unearthed by BuzzBuzz Home, show the designer's signature mod psychedelia on a supersonic and truly souped-up scale. Here, shower walls and headboards are boldly colored, furniture is a mashup of the Jetsons and midcentury modern, built-ins are clad in white lacquer, and there are planes of glassy walls are far as the eye can see. In fact, from the exterior, the eight-story, 19-unit building—Curbed NY has the floorplans and discovers that prices start around $430K—somewhat resembles Rashid's jagged, angular new bottle design for Anestasia Vodka. Drink up, NYC real estate market.

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