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Tapered Vacation Home is Inspired By—Duh—Bruce Lee

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When Hong Kong-based firm Index Architecture first went to work creating this tapered vacation home, they called upon quite an unusual muse. Its client, as it happened, wanted a home entirely devoted to his extensive Bruce Lee collection. Built in Shunde, China, everything from the wacky shape of the home to the placement of each window is carefully designed with the precious Bruce memorabilia in mind.

Measuring 7,212 square feet, the two-story home is built on a tricky, trapezoidal plot that juts off a 30-foot cliff. One narrow wing of the building (?) houses first edition Bruce Lee movie posters—two floors' worth!—that are so sensitive to light that they can only withstand the single bolt of light afforded by a floor-to-ceiling window. The wider and more, uh, non-claustrophobia-inducing end of the home opens up considerably, comprising a kitchen, dining space, and living room on the first floor and a large master bedroom on the second level—all looking over the home's manicured gardens. In true Bruce Lee form, even the imposing, paneled exterior was built with the star's famous words in mind: "being no limit is the limit, being shapeless is the shape." Duly noted. Architizer has the full gallery, right this way.

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