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Wacky, Log-Shaped 'Nature Hut' Comfortably Sleeps Nine

Designed by French creative collective Bruit du Frigomaster builders of nutty little homes—and built by French workshop zébra3/buy-sellf, this cylindrical pod is one in a series of micro homes that discreetly dot the city of Bordeaux. Constructed as part of a grander scheme to install hiking paths around the outskirts of the city, the quasi-cabin is meant to provide something of a mini-vacation for Bordeaux locals.

Best suited for a family that doesn't mind roughing it a bit, the log shaped "nature hut" features a series of small cut-out windows and wooden treading, with enough bunkbeds to sleep nine. There's neither running water nor electricity, so while it beats the hell out of a soggy tent, it's a good bit more rustic than other micro homes out there. Another shot, below.

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