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Come See Stunning French Castles Mysteriously Left to Rot

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Through the lens of French-born artist Martin Vaissie,, these lonely, abandoned French castles feel, well, pretty damn haunted—each room a ghostly version of its former grandeur. A fan of derelict spaces, Vaissie is no stranger to spooky imagery, and seems to revel in the aesthetics of crumbling brick entryways, peeling paint, and stripped walls. Like most artists carrying on affairs with abandoned architecture, Vaissie depicts castles that, despite years of neglect, seem to be waiting for someone repaper their walls and return them to their duties. Why these castles—such a hot real estate commodity—were left to rot is a mystery; but if other forsaken European mansions are any indication, the reasoning could range from bankruptcy or landslide threat.

Flavorwire has the full gallery, do take a look.

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