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An Ultra-Modern Museum in Germany Disappears Like Magic

To commemorate the discovery site of the Schöningen Spears— the world's most ancient "completely preserved" hunting weapons—is Paläon Research and Experience Center, a structure sure to join the ranks of the world's most ultra-cool, ultra-modern museums. Tucked away in Schöningen, Germany, Zurich and Berlin-based firm Holzer Kobler Architekturen gave the structure a façade that, despite it's three stories and 44,000-square-foot footprint, manages to almost completely disappear into its pastoral setting—perhaps a nod to the idea that unseen cultural treasures, whether they be 400,000 years old or brand new, are waiting to be discovered.

Curators filled the museum's research and exhibition areas with local, Stone Age artifacts, which are cool and all, but, let's be real here, the neatest part—sorry artifacts—is probably still that mirrored exterior, which reflects the sky and clouds above, not to mention the surrounding forest, meadow, coal mine, and—heck yes—wild horses. Architizer has the rest of the photos, right this way.

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