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Bizarre Vermont Castle Near Ski Slopes Costs $2.7 Million

A short 20 minute drive from Vermont's Okemo Mountain Resort is Grahall Estate, a 6 bedroom, 5 bathroom castle situated on top of Hawk Mountain. The brokerbabble in the listing calls the property a "modern, Scottish mountain-top castle" and the architecture on this fairy tale gem is a bit confusing. If a buyer can get past the hodgepodge of half-finished stone walls mixed with solar panels, they will also find two ponds, a rooftop barbecue, five fireplaces, a stone amphitheater, and just over 6500 square feet. The house sits on 10 acres of private forest, which is good because once you see the dismal interior decorating you'll want to be outside a lot. The property was once a corporate conference center and an $11,000-a-month vacation rental, but weirdly, at this price point there is only a one car garage. Maybe modern Scottish royalty don't drive BMWs? · A Modern Castle Tops Hawk's Mountain []
· 1599 Cavendish Gulf Road, Cavendish VT