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Bold Australian Boys' School Sure Has a Spiky Silhouette

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One wonders what kids who attend architecturally crazy schools actually think about them. "Huh?" they might respond if asked, not bothering to look up from that game of Minecraft; either that or summarize the experience like Bieber would: as "swag." One would hope that the boys at Penleigh and Essendon Junior Boys School in Australia recognize what the façade of their school's latest addition is going for—an exaggerated silhouette of the Federation Style buildings that house their old campus—because otherwise it looks like any other wild, EKG-shaped feat of architecture.

Designed by Australian firm McBride Charles Ryan, the addition has a sloping roof on one side, painted in alternating red and black stripes to channel the circus-tent vibe befitting its whimsical shape. In the classrooms themselves, the structure's jagged roof translates into some very oddly shaped ceilings, but also allows for extra sets of horizontal-stripe windows, providing more natural light. And speaking of natural light, as if having a very un-schoolhouse-like silhouette weren't enough, the building is clad in glossy dark tiles, giving it that shimmering reflective sheen. After all this, it would be disappointing if the playground weren't some postmodern pinnacle of creative play.

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