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After Two-Year Reno, L.A.'s 'Best House' Looks For a Buyer

L.A.'s A. Quincy Jones-designed Brody House, a spread in Holmby Hills that Curbed LA dubbed "the best house in Los Angeles" for its je ne sais quoi that "can't be captured in photographs or described in words, it just fucking feels good," has wrapped up its two-year renovation, now primed to hit the market for only the second time ever. In 1949 philanthropists Sidney and Frances Lasker Brody commissioned what would become three of L.A.'s most esteemed home designers, local starchitect A. Quincy Jones, interior designer Billy Haines, and landscape architect Garrett Eckbo, to build their dream house—and also, NBD, Henri Matisse to build the atrium's mural, but that's neither here nor there—ending up with a spread Curbed LA calls "sprawling but not cavernous" and "quirky but not flashy or gauche." Fast forward 60 years: Frances dies and the house is sold for $14.888M to a "mysterious investor" who turns around and hires designer Stephen Stone to give it an upgrade. Now that the renovation is complete, Stone guesses the sale "will be the highest price per square foot the city's ever seen," though what that means in terms of exact numbers nobody can be sure about until the deed is in somebody else's hands. Until then, do check out Curbed LA's thorough coverage, or just have a look at a few more shots of the post-reno pad, below.

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