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Japanese Beachfront Cafe is Made From Shipping Pallets

We've seen the shipping pallet used in micro homes and imagined coverings for Paris, and now, Tokyo-based designer David Guarino has retired this most hardworking of transport platforms to a breezy, sun-soaked existence on Japan's Morito Beach. Caban, as Guarino calls it, is an entire beachfront cafe built from wooden pallets, along with a few other materials sourced from the region. Built for Japanese clothing company Tomorrowland, this open-air lounge was made in collaboration with local artisans, and also includes a book store and a James Perse shop. Who would've thought that, after a life devoted to the bottom-line efficiencies of global commerce, the humble pallet would begin to serve capitalism's stylistic needs? Or that it would make such a good wall planter?

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