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Build a Dream Hive Out of Modular Honeycomb Rooms

As one may imagine, Barry Jackson's Hivehaus is based on the hexagonal structure of a section of honeycomb, but unlike some other such structures one could name, his latest project uses the shape as more than just a visual trope. Made up of compact living spaces built from a standard set of uniform components, the rooms of Hivehaus can be arranged and connected according to the needs of a site, forming either their own clustered home or an addition to an existing one. Each structure only has about 30 square feet of floorspace, but if your bedroom-bathroom-kitchen combo isn't enough, adding a lounge or an office is, in theory, relatively simple.

Originally conceived as a garden room that could be implemented without much need for planning permissions, Hivehaus has grown to incorporate solar panels, sky domes, and extended hexagonal decks, pairing the appeal of prefabrication with the irresistible modern lure known as the suite of customization options. But the real kicker is whether that kitchenette comes with the standard package. The way it unfolds is a wonder in and of itself.

· Barry Jackson Reveals the Compact and Modular Hivehaus [Design Boom]