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Mighty Fine California Oceanfront Estate Asks $4.495M

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Location: Carmel, Calif.
Price: $4,495,000
The Skinny: This two-story house in Carmel-by-the-Sea, the coastal California city that bragged Clint Eastwood as mayor of in the '80s, was built in 1950, but appears to feature a good amount of interior renovation. It offers views of the Pacific Ocean, mere blocks away, and of the rustic tile roofs of its neighbors, and includes such features as a vaulted ceiling, spiral wooden staircase (which, oddly, appears to extend all the way up the ceiling), and a huge wood-paneled dressing room with a sink. The real highlights, though, are the landscaped patio and yard, which are easily accessible via any number of wide glass doors on the ground floor. The house is on the market for a hair under $4.5M.

· 26355 Ocean View Ave, Carmel, Calif. [Alain Pinel]
· 26355 Ocean View Ave, Carmel, Calif. [Zillow]