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Oh Boy, Another 'Garden City' Pipe Dream Gets Renderings

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Two things are clear about Berlin-based architects Agnieszka Preibisz and Peter Sandhaus: they have some very hippie-esque leanings and, like most creators of outlandish utopias—be they cities on lily pads, robot-powered organisms, or jellyfish lookalikes—they know how to set some seriously lofty goals. Their latest project, a figure eight-shaped conceptual high rise—dubbed Green8—is designed to "reflect a dream come true: living in the center of the city with breathtaking panorama views, while having one's own vegetable garden at one's doorstep." Indeed, denizens of the idyllic skyscraper would enjoy perhaps the first high-rise apartment building built to fulfill urbanites' "longing for self-sustaining gardening," as well as provide an easy way to grow organic crops in the middle of a major city.

If built, the structure would boast a residential space that curve around a central garden and private decks. As for the wacky shape? That can be explained by the fact that the entirety of the structure is, uh, held in place by cables. Aside from apartments, Green8 also makes room for an orchard, plus farmers markets, restaurants, a kindergarten, and an elder care center.In the words of the architect's themselves: "Green8 is not a house. It is a life form."

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