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An Austrian Town May Get This Fujimoto-Designed Bus Stop

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Architectural projects involving communal structures often run the risk of ending up at "formally interesting" without making anything more than a cursory stop at "functional." But if any of the entries in BUS:STOP flew too close to the sun, then at least Krumbach, Austria, will have the most high-design bus tour in Europe. The project called on architects from around the world to design bus stops for the small village, enticing them with offers of near-complete artistic freedom and a free holiday in the region. The result? Seven distinct pavilions from seven internationally renowned firms. Pictured above is Sou Fujimoto's piece, which has commuters waiting for the bus in the quietude of—his signature move—a bamboo thicket. There's not much here in the way of shelter, but it looks like a great spot to put away the smartphone and engage in some real contemplation. Arch Daily has a rundown of the entire project; below are a few of the most eye-popping entries.

? This sculptural exercise by Architecten de Vylder Vinck Taillieu would look great in Tron, or any other fictional cyber world from the early '80s. Here's to seeing it on the side of the road Austrian hinterlands.

? Chilean architect Smiljan Radic dreamed up the most by-the-books shelter, with what looks to be a bird house perched on the roof.

? The Ensamble Studio entry looks like a Flintstones bus shelter rendered with thinner slabs of rock. Picture a brontosaurus pulling up and saying something like "it's a living." You'll see what we mean.

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