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Inside Jerry Seinfeld's 'Laid-Back,' $32M Hamptons Mansion

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This month's InStyle takes a dive into the "laid-back"—not sure that's quite the right word for a spread with its own baseball diamond, but sure—Hamptons beach house of funnyman Jerry Seinfeld. Inside the manse, which Seinfeld bought for $32M from Billy Joel, the decor is, one must admit, friendly and informal. "When it came to decorating," Jerry's wife Jessica told the magazine, "I wanted to avoid any feeling of fussiness—Jerry and I are the least formal people." Indeed, it's clear from the glimpses InStyle offers—that of the sunroom ("party central") and kitchen (above)—do show off a neutral, generically comfortable vibe similar to that of Jerry's other elephantine estates, including his Colorado ski chalet. Anyway, another shot of the interiors, below.

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