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For $110K, Buy a Teepee Smack-Dab in 'Nowhere,' Idaho

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Since fully functioning teepees—which, it should be said, worked the whole microdwelling thing way before it got trendy—are hard to find, this 826-square-foot dwelling is something of a steal at just $110K. Sure, the occasional celebrity or culture-appropriating dog might make have a teepee knock-off, but this abode, nestled in Cascade, Idaho, boasts two bedrooms, a half bath, and a kitchen with a wood stove. There's also a bathhouse outside, connected to the main home by a large wooden porch. The listing is full of some seriously uninspiring photos, but fear not! The philosophical brokerbabble more than makes up for it. Just remember, "when your life steers you to a teepee out in the middle of nowhere, it's clearly less about the accommodations and more about the simpler things in life: clean air, a bubbling brook and a wood deck for rocking back and forth whilst taking in those pure mountain views." The photos, right this way:

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