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Here's a Home With the Knife Ladder You've Always Wanted

Displaying a personal collection in your home is one thing, but creating an entire home for that express purpose, indeed a home that is itself a piece of art, is another thing entirely. This residence in São Paulo, Brazil, by Isay Weinfeld definitely falls into the latter category, with a living room dominated by four figurative sculptures by Antony Gormley, which hang from the ceiling (an obscure nod to a chandelier) and, upstairs, two avant-garde sets of stairs. One, Marina Abramovi?'s rather morbid Double Edge, is a "ladder" with knives instead of rungs, the other, a decidedly more functional free-floating spiral staircase designed by Weinfeld, is just as eye-catching as any of the fine art on display.

How easy is it to relax in a home full of avant-garde permanent fixtures? Who knows, but in any one of those handsome examples of midcentury modern chair design, you'd look fabulous trying. And, in any case, relaxing in this space would certainly be easier than, say, baby-proofing it.

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