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Golf Indoors and Bathe Outdoors in This Nutty 'Urban Shelter'

In what has to be one of the most elaborate client requests of all time, one very creative couple presented Madrid-based studio OHLAB with a veritable laundry list of 15 desires they wanted for their modest Madrid apartment. Among the items on their wishlist was a combined indoor/outdoor shower, a breakfast nook with city views, a "park" to picnic in, an at-home golf course, a place to bathe "in the countryside," a kitchen in the heart of the home, a chance to dine under the stars, and a living room theater. Yes, all within the confines of a petite—no exact measurements, sadly—penthouse.

With the help of some well-placed white leather curtains running the length of the home, OHLAB found a way to split the space—dubbed Urban Shelter—into multi-functional areas. Pull back one curtain, for example, to reveal the kitchen; pull it closed and find a canvas serving as a movie-projection screen. Grass carpets both the bedroom and outdoor terrace, providing space for the requested "park for picnics" and golfing green. The undisputed best part of the home, though? That sweet, sweet bathtub in the bedroom, positioned against a floor-to-ceiling window overlooking the city skyline. Privacy be damned! Design Boom has more pics.

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