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Wauwinet 4BR in a 'Spectacular' Location Sells for $3,650,000

Not every Nantucket property sells at warp speed. Take this Wauwinet listing, a rather blah house in a rather amazing location that took 820 days to find a buyer. Per the brokerbabble:

Uniquely spectacular location in Wauwinet. Oceanfront and harbor front property on 4 acres. Abounding views across Wauwinet, down the beach and over the Atlantic. Extraordinary sunsets. Eligible for 2 moorings. The 1,644 square footer was built in 1950 and has four bedrooms, three baths, a fireplace, and an outside shower. Initially asking $4,665,000, a pricechop brought the price tag down to $3,850,000 before a buyer picked up the spread for $3,650,000. · 155 Wauwinet Road, Nantucket [LINK]