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Spot the Giant Goose Egg Resting Atop This Dutch Museum

What's one to do when an art museum in desperate need of more space lacks the surrounding land for another wing, and proves unfit for underground extension? According to Dutch firm Bierman Henket architecten, go ahead and plunk down an addition directly on top. Indeed the architects—recently recognized for this project at the Dutch Design Awards—explain that the addition, or The Eye as it's been dubbed, "couples the classical, static building with the fluid dynamics of a contemporary extension in a vertical direction." Another day, another egg-shaped structure served up with a heaping dose of philosophy!

The wacky two-story extension sits directly atop the Neoclassical 1838 Museum De Fundatie, and is held in place by eight steel columns threaded through the original building. Large, curved windows provide natural light and a panoramic view of the market square below, while the rest of the oblong pod is outfitted in 55,000 blue and white tiles, subtley designed to match the sky. Considering the museum's aim has been to house old and new art together, the juxtaposition of the funky new floors and the old structure actually seems to actually make sense. Dezeen has more photos,right this way.

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