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Gloria Estefan Asks $75K a Month For Gaudy Miami Manse

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Latin pop icon Gloria Estefan is not only renting out her guest house on Star Island in Miami: she's ready to take her landlord aspirations to the next level. Estefan's main house is also reportedly on the market, listed as a rental for $75K a month or for sale—guest house included, of course—for $35M. The seven-bedroom 9,854-square-foot Med-style home boasts stone floors and vaulted ceilings, along with a whole slew of outdoor amenities, including a private dock, 330 feet of waterfront, and a huge pool. Unfortunately, the already gritty listing photos are further blighted with some truly gaudy interiors—think gold chandeliers, and lots of 'em—euphemistically referred to in the brokerbabble as "opulent Old-World charm." Still, those who can look past the glitz just might find themselves quite the name-droppable Miami pad. Do take a look:

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