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Live in a Converted Water Tower in Malibu For $2.5M

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In terms of form, this converted water tower may not be as forward-thinking as some of Europe's repurposed tanks, but those old-world affairs can't boast 360-degree hilltop view of Malibu, now, can they? Transformed in 1981 by architect Doug Rucker, this 3,557-square-foot open-plan abode has three bedrooms set against its curvilinear, windowed edges, with a fourth in an outlying guest studio. Unless you decide to repaint the place, $2.495M gets you a home accentuated with the occasional splash of lime green, which, thanks to your location, should turn heads from all kinds of elevations. With the right connections and a freshly printed set of cryptic invitations, you might even be able give the invite-only water-tower speakeasy—the phenomenon that New York probably killed by overexposure—a new life out west.

· 6375 Gayton Pl., Malibu, Calif. []