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Bel Air's Grandest, Cheesiest Faux Castle Asks $27M

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This 15-bedroom palace is pulling out all the stops to wrangle a fresh prince to lord over its Bel Air halls. A geyser-like fountain in the motor court? Check. A six-bedroom guesthouse? Check. "European-style grottos?" Check. Cheesy, beige, and blah architectural details? Check, check and check. An obscenely opulent, totally unnecessary dining room, complete with glass-topped table and pink satin curtains? Oh baby baby. If you're like many other rich Angelenos and salivate over the possibility of spending $26.995M on a mock-med palacio, get thee to a financier and get ready to don your Renaissance Faire garb all day every day. · 10425 Revuelta Way, Los Angeles, Calif. [Jade Mill Estates]
· Revuelta Way in Bel Air [Joy Cerey]