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Yes, There's a Shipping Container Called 'NOMAD Living'

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We've seen shipping containers used in structures of all shapes and sizes (read: one shape, one size, often stacked), all harnessing the coziness factor of the micro home with the added allure of being prefabricated, recycled, and cheap. Now, thanks to the work of Portugal-based Studio Arte, one can add "consummately chic" to that list, as an early prototype of their container-based NOMAD Living project alights on the picturesque region of Algarve, Portugal in the form of an itty-bitty country retreat.
Call it the Polly Pocket Effect: merely looking at a dwelling this snug makes the head swim with fantasies of pint-sized domesticity. Which NOMAD can be well-suited for: this iteration has all of the necessary modern amenities, if you can believe it, as long as yours is a modest definition of "necessary." The interior is opened up via large sliding-glass doors and extended by the broad wooden deck, creating the illusion of more space. And honestly, when "less" is this charming, and painted such a great shade of orange, the illusion is all you need.

—Spencer Peterson

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