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Renter Thinks Upper Cape Landlords Are Out of Their Minds

While some people look to their nearest and dearest shrink, astrologer, clergy, consigliere or what have you for therapeutic relief, others head to Craigslist. We recently came across this rant from a wannabe Upper Cape renter and think it sums up frustrations shared by many these days. Naturally, we're hoping a landlord chimes in, answer song style. As for the polemic, we're not sure how effective it will be in landing an apartment (hey, there could be a masochistic landlord out there), but if The Rent Is Too Damn High Party expands to these parts, they've probably got at least one vote.
· -$1500/ 3br - You people are out of your mind!!!! (upper cape) [Craigslist]
· The Rent Is Too Damn High Party [official]