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Come Sit Awhile in Sou Fujimoto's Bucolic Toilet Garden

Today in strange ideas: Tokyo-based architect Sou Fujimoto—known more for his oddball gridded designs than the toilets they house—has gone and built a very literal public toilet in Ichihara, Japan. Sited among 200 square feet of lush cherry blossom gardens, the glass-walled stall is meant to "merge the notions of public and private, opened and closed, nature and built architecture, and smallness and largeness," perhaps the most responsibility ever bestowed on a restroom. Then again, as evidenced by the oddly growing crop of restroom-themed restaurants, toilets appear to be having a moment, design-wise.
So as to maintain some semblance of privacy, the garden—which happens to be situated right next to a major railway station—is enclosed by a marginally comforting six-foot wooden fence with a locking door. For those still too timid to enjoy "a serene view while using the facilities," below find a few more photos to peruse from afar. For the fearless, this al fresco bathtub might also be of interest.

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