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For $25K, Build Yourself a 100-Square-Foot, Two-Story Home

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If one wants to own a house for less than $30K these days, there are two options: buy a semi-crappy home in a fledgling market or, the more popular option, go small. Ridiculously small. Take this company in Vancouver: NOMAD looks to offer microhomes for $25K to $28K, all of which are "easy to assemble" in the lot behind your house or, mayhaps, your parents' backyard. How micro is micro? It measures about 10 feet by 10 feet—100 square feet, if you will—with two stories. The ground floor's got your living room, "kitchen" (that's what we call hot plate and sink area, right?), and toilet room (bathing shmathing!). Upstairs: the sleeping loft and closet. To get off the ground, NOMAD is using IndieGoGo to raise $120K, of which they've raised $16,127. Figure out some legitimate proposal for a shower—and not one of those a-shower-head-turns-the-entire-bathroom-into-a-shower tricks because, again, there's a disintegrating toilet paper issue—and we're in.

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