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This Portuguese House Looks Downright Like a Twister Mat

After all the monopoly piece-shaped structures that have cropped up of late, it seemed only a matter of time until another board game-inspired dwelling would make an appearance—starting with this Twister-esque creation in Souto, Portugal. Designed by Portuguese architect Nelson Resende, the home's outermost wall is punctured by a series of circular windows, creating a brightly colored entrance to an otherwise black-and-white exterior. Beyond that, the bulk of the structure is split into three sections, meant to mirror the rocky, surrounding terrain, with parking and laundry on the ground floor; storage on the top floor; and a parlor, kitchen, dining room, and outdoor terrace sandwiched in between and characterized by floor-to-ceiling panes of glass. There aren't any measurements listed to help suss out exact size and shape, but Architizer has the full set of photos and floorplans, which help make sense of the unusual layout.

· Design Details: A Twister Mat Mirage [Architizer]