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And Now, the Inflatable Dumpster NYC's Been Waiting For

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Add this to the list of funky Kickstarter projects looking for funding: Inflato Dumpster, the latest in totally strange community projects. living in Dumpsters, (2) up-starts using found materials to make community spaces, (3) inflatable architecture, and (4) tech-entrenched, claustrophobia-inducing NYC spaces. Meant to be—ahem—"a networked node of neighborhood information," and "a mobile learning laboratory," Inflato Dumpster will only be around for five days, but in that time the project "will confront the tendency of city space to limit public exchange by serving as a large scale urban intervention." Inflato Dumpster needs $3,700 to get off the ground, which includes the cost of the "screens and sensors to produce constantly updating streams of demographic and subjective information regarding the local site." So far, they've raised $1,085. Donations go here, and there are more photos below.

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