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Colony of Vintage Campers Creates the Coolest Hostel Ever

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All photos via Design Boom

Due to their ongoing quest to stand out in a sea of bunkbeds and Wi Fi hotspots, youth hostels don't shy away from design schticks, and hotelier Michael Schloesser's project, an abandoned warehouse filled with stationary vintage campers, is no exception. Visitors to Germany's Base Camp Bonn Young Hostel can book a stalled sleeper train, bed down in a VW bus, and, best of all, set up shop in RVs individually and effusively decorated according to themes like "Hausboot" (Houseboat), Rockabilly, Flower Power (above), and, err, Drag Queen. Accommodations, lined up inside the 6,458-square-foot industrial "campsite," start at €22 ($29.99) a night. Do have a look at the photos, below.

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