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$28.5M Hamptons Manse Has Eat-in Wine Cellar, Nightclub

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Behold: a decadent Shelter Island, N.Y., mansion so amenity-equipped that potential buyers need never leave home again, instead living like a rich, fabulous shut-ins. Listed for $28.5M, this 23,000 square-foot, 10-bedroom home features an indoor/outdoor spa, tennis and squash courts, a home theater, a nightclub (no pictures to be found, sadly), a fitness center, and—obviously the crown jewel here—a totally Game of Thrones-esque eat-in wine cellar. In Brokerbabble terminology, the estate reflects "elegant European countryside estates," though, much like John Smith, it seems to have gotten a wee bit off course. Still, it ostensibly retains a European sensibility with French flooring, "trim and moldings by a master English finisher," and "world class...walls and ceilings by a master Italian plasterer."

· Shelter Island, NY [1stdibs]
· Address unpublished, Shelter Island, New York [Sotheby's]