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Inside Mitt Romney's (Car Elevator-Less) New Ski House

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Now that he's recovered from the 2012 presidential election—and all the utterly moronic themed decor that went along with it—Mitt Romney is back at the real estate game, this time laying down for a 8,730-square-foot mansion in the Deer Valley resort of Park City, Utah. According to Park Record, a house on Silver Lake Drive has been linked to the Romneys, and a quick search of public listings reveals a bit more: the six-bedroom home, built in 1991 from "whole logs and many local materials" and most recently listed for $8.9M, was designed by architect Fred Babcock and once featured in Architectural Digest. The interiors, by David Krajeski, are described in the brokerbabble as—oof, please, make it stop—"Utah Rustic."

Obviously this isn't the former GOP nominee's first run at the slopes of Park City, where he helped organize the 2002 Winter Olympics. He sold his previous ski estate here in 2009, but earlier this year he announced his intentions to build a home in Holladay, just 30 miles or so from Park City, so perhaps he'll bunk on those woodsy four-poster beds as he keeps one eye on the construction. In addition, he owns properties in La Jolla, Calif.—that's the one with the notorious $55K car elevator—Boston, and, as immortalized for eternity on a rhinestone T-shirt, New Hampshire.

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