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Finally, All the Juicy Intel on Kate and Will's Palace Apartment

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After 18 months living at Nottingham Cottage—a two-bedroom spruced up by British designer Kelly Hoppen on the grounds of London's Kensington Palace—the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, along with baby George, are finally set to move into the palace's Apartment 1A. Previously home to Princess Margaret, the couple's new home was, according to Us Weekly's tell-all about the place, "a fixer-upper by royal standards," which means that, much like the couple's country home, the interiors had to be overhauled. Now that Apartment 1A is ready, Us Weekly publishes a cover story that's surprisingly well-stocked with vital decor intel, including cost estimates for entryway's Persian rug and how Kate, "when eight months pregnant, was still debating herringbone patterns for a sofa." Here now, the pulpiest details all about Kate and William's main residence:

10. Apartment 1A is as long as a city block, with 20 rooms and two—two!—nurseries, one for day (which will ultimately become a playroom) and one for night.

9. In the entrance hall: two 19th-century Corinthian lamps and, on loan from the royal treasure chest, a Persian rug worth about $50K.

8. There are three kitchens—two for staff and one "on the ground for the family and their chef," per Us Weekly.

7. Kate and Will share (scandal?) a single bedroom, which apparently is kind of a big deal. They still, however, have separate bathrooms.

6. Per a "palace insider," the family has "retained many original features," like the ornate moldings. What they jettisoned? Princess Margaret's periwinkle walls (above) and pale blue fabrics.

5. According to "a source," the color palette is "subtle," composed primarily of beiges and "earthier colors."

4. There's also two faux-fur throws, snagged for $129 each from London department store Peter Jones, and Bernard Thorp fabrics in neutral colors.

3. There's a panic room in case of an attack, which is "dressed up to look like any room in the house, but it's equipped for a number of scenarios."

2. Other safety measures include video cameras in every room room and mesh curtains on each window designed to catch shattered glass.

1. Nottingham Cottage is apparently reserved for Will's brother Harry, though "a source" tells Us that "the ginger fox" (oh my) is hoping to move into Apartment 4B, which is much more lush. Too bad he's not looking for a country home, as Kate and Will's old love nest in Wales is on the rental market.

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