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China's Latest Development Bungle Will Literally Stop Traffic

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The latest from the country that brought you fake Parises, mountaintop villas atop apartment buildings, houses atop shopping malls, and faux Austrian mountain towns: an apartment building positioned "accidentally" in the middle of an eight-lane highway.
According to the Daily Mail, the story goes something like this: officials in Xi'an, Shaanxi relocated a block of residents whose homes stood in the way of the construction of a new public park, and compensated them afterwards by moving them into the new, modern apartment building (above) that was also part of the project. Upon realizing that they didn't leave enough room to build a highway with a consistent eight lanes—and that "it would cost too much to relocate the tenants" again to actually fix the problem—officials did obvious: narrow the highway to four lanes just for the part where it snakes past the building. Duh. "We don't exactly like being stuck out in the middle of a 60metre-wide highway," one resident told the Daily Mail, but you get used to it."

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