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Bonkers Lord of the Rings Tower Was Built from 150K Legos

Like the many fantastically rendered Lego creations before it—Hogwarts, Bat Man's cave, and even the Arrested Development house—this Helm's Deep battle scene from The Lord of the Rings is ridiculously intricate and, without a doubt, an architectural feat. Crafted by Lego enthusiasts Rich-K and Big J, the epic fortress and mountain range is comprised of a whopping 150,000 bricks and 1,700 mini-figures, weighing in at about 160 pounds.

The pair spent four months on their creation, which made its debut at the Cincinnati Comic Con Expo in September, special ordering mini-figures from across Europe and covering every inch of their ping pong table-sized creation in Lego. The work obviously paid off, because this structure is seriously detailed, with textured tower walls, arched pathways, multiple towers, and an impressive mountain range backdrop.

Since the two first got to work, Lego released a much simpler 1,368-piece version of the battle of Helms Deep that retails for about $113. Clearly, though, it's no comparison to the fan-made work of art. My Modern Met has more photos.

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